Engr. Dumo Emason West, B.ENG (MECH), MNSE, COREN

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Engineer Dumo West has over 25 years broad experience in the Oil and Gas business. He has held leadership positions across the planning, projects and operational units in Nigeria, Netherlands and the United States of America. He holds a B. Eng. In Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nigeria and is a member of the Nigeria Society of Engineers. He is also a COREN certified Engineering Practitioner.

He has been at the cutting edge of improvement initiatives and value creation while continuously assuring the general satisfaction and cohesive working practices of the teams he has been responsible for:

-           As Offshore Installation Manager directly responsible for over 200 persons on board and asset deep-water offshore Nigeria, he encouraged collaboration and fostered teamwork best-practices across project, discipline and operations teams at the frontline to achieve over 90% asset availability. This translated to considerable improvement in business output and overall profitability.

-           While acting as Operations Manager for Shell Nigeria, he achieved top quartile business performance for all the indices measured, including Health, Safety and the Environment. He was constantly at the forefront of driving Nigerian Content at the frontline especially with a view for ensuring engagement and participation of the host community stakeholders.

-           As the Waterflood Operations Consultant responsible for initiation, execution and realization of technical and business improvements within the entire Shell global operations, he was able to apply and further develop his skills in stakeholder engagement, influencing and negotiation and appreciation of cultural diversity aspects while working in Malaysia, Brunei, Russia, USA, Norway and Brazil. 

Engineer Dumo West is a founding partner of Duwokzy Promotion, an indigenous non-governmental organisation with a vision to improving the educational standards of young indigenes of Rivers State. Below are some of the achievements of the NGO

-           The first ‘Rivers State Mr. Mathematics Quiz Competition’

-           ‘All Rivers state Secondary Schools Drama Competition’

He is the Chief Executive Officer of DUMOYE International Farms Limited, an indigenous agro-focused company with a vision to bridge the agricultural produce gap and provide training and employment to Rivers State youth in the agricultural industry.

His latest project, in support of his community and humanity in general is currently at the planning and conceptualisation stage. In 2016… he lost his beloved sister, Mrs Obelebara Edeh to the cold hands of death due to complications from Ovarian Cancer. To immortalize her and also provide the necessary support to ensure that other women in Rivers State do not suffer this same fate, he is working with medical practitioners with the same commitment, to set up an Ovarian Cancer screening, treatment and advisory centre in Rivers State.

Engineer Dumo West is a consummate leader, professional and committed team player with a strategic, continuous improvement yet humane approach to any activity in which he is involved. He will bring all these qualities to bear in any assignment for which he is appointed.