KICKSTART is a corporate social investment by International Breweries PLC, (IBPLC) a proud part of Anheuser- Busch InBev (ABInBev) the world's largest brewer . It aims at promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among youth in Nigeria.
The initiative has been running in the South-Western and South – Eastern zones of Nigeria since 2015. Through the provision of material and financial support, the initiative continues to encourage young entrepreneurs to develop their big ideas into sustainable businesses or expand their existing businesses. This has created socioeconomic
opportunities for young citizens between the ages of 18 and 35. The initiative avails them the opportunity to create and earn a sustainable living thus impacting the economy of their respective host communities.
The programme was first launched as a poverty alleviation initiative in South Africa in 1995 by South Africa Brewery (SABMiller) then major shareholder of IBPLC. Since then, it has also been implemented in other African countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Tanzania. In Nigeria, the KICKSTART initiative is administered by the International Breweries Foundation, for the first time since inception, it will be open to applicants from all the six geo-political zones in the country.
International Breweries’ KICKSTART contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

The future belongs to the young. But only visionary and self-starting young men and women who seize the moment can ever hope to chart a course into that future. In today's knowledge-driven world, young people have continued to demonstrate their readiness to assume eminence, as exemplified by their emergence as global leaders in politics, enterprise management, technology and even in matters of faith.

We launch KICKSTART in 2016 as a corporate social investment initiative to ignite the passion of Nigerian youth for leadership in business. The impact of our entrepreneurs so far is a revelation in inherent ingenuity, creativity and innovation of young Nigerians. they provide a powerful case for the relevance of entrepreneurship in leading the way in the nation's economic development.

We encourage more young Nigerians to key-in to the vision behind KICKSTART to tap into the almost limitless opportunities that abound in the business world. With KICKSTART, Nigerian youths no longer need to subscribe to the well-worn notion that 'dream die first.
No. It can only get better

Annabelle Degroot Managing Director, IBPlc



Call for entries and application

Applicants can apply via a dedicated and customized online portal. The application form comprises of various questions that will ensure the applicants to present a solid proposal. Applicatins must be filled and submitted within stipulated period.

Short listing

Applications will be evaluated and graded based on the qulity of their application and viabilty of their business. Applications will be srted, screened and scored bu Enterprise Development Centre (Pan-Atlantic University) - a renowned entrepreneurship training centre with in-depth experience in online application portal management.

Online training

After sorting and shortlisting of applicants, successful applicants will take part in a 5 days online training. The online training is aimed at laying a solid foundation on the rudiments of owning a business enterprise or running one. Applicants will be tested and further shortlisted for the boot camp phase.


Applicants that get shortlisted will be trained further at a 3 day boot camp on how they can develop and manage a sustainable business. The boot camp will also prepare applicants for the final selection phase - a pitch session in front of a panel of judges. Practicing entreprenuers will be invited to have inspiring and motivational sessions with these applicants at the boot camp. These entreprenuers will also share real life business experiences.

Pitch fest

Applicants will make presentations and defend their business plan to a panel of judges. The assessment of presentation will be based on scalability, practicability and sustainability.

Kickstart awards

This is an event where winners are annouced and presented with their grants. Strategic stakeholders and guests will be in attendance.

One-year mentoring process

The awardees have access to carefully selected expert assistance through mentorship and coaching for a period of one year. The KICKSTART finalists are under obligation to observe and implement the advice tendered by the mentors. There will be monthly updates on the progress made and business performance, which will be shared with the Foundation and IB PLC Management.


Business ideas are expected to be innovative and in need of start-up capital or they could be existing small business needing capital to expand operations. Applicants must be literate, energetic and entrepreneurial. In addition, applicants are required to process valid identification (e.g. National I.D.; Drivers Licence; International Passport; Voter's Registration Card, etc) as at the last day of the application period.

Call for entries and application

Applicants can apply via a dedicated and customized online portal. The application form comprises of various questions that will ensure the applicants to present a solid proposal. Applicatins must be filled and submitted within stipulated period.

Key Objectives of the Kickstart Programme

The IBPlc Foundation KICKSTART Youth Entrepreneurship Programme is for youth empowerment within and outside the Foundation's identified communities. It will support awardees so that their businesses can gain momentum, become viable and become institutionalized for growth and prosperity.
KCIKSTART is inspired by three guiding objectives:

  • Creating healthier and improved quality of life for underpriviledged or at-risk youth by driving a positive sense of self, decision-making skills, a moral system of belief, and pro-social connectedness.
  • A commitment to drive Nigeria's economic growth through the empowerment of young indigenous entrepreneurs solving social problems facing the Nigerian economy.
  • To create an environment where young Nigerian entrepreneurs can get critical elements of support in the early stages of their business life and to financially support and nurture the business, thereby adding value to the individual and the community.
Key Objectives of the Kickstart Programme
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